Frequently asked questions


How will naturopathy help me?

Naturopathy is an individualised health care system, it combines both traditional and scientific knowledge. We treat the body as a whole and work to prevent illness rather than only treating symptoms. We aim to get to the cause of the issue so you have long term sustainable health. We want you to feel empowered and to expand your own knowledge of your body.

What does naturopathy treat?

What we treat includes but is not limited to digestive complaints, menstrual issues, weight loss, children’s health, pregnancy care and wellness, post natal wellness, fertility, stress, inflammation, low energy, lack of motivation, dietary advice or change, memory and concentration issues, urinary issues, detoxification, cardiovascular health, and metabolism.

What will happen in a consultation?

When you arrive or prior to coming you will fill in an initial form that is comprehensive for health history recall. A comprehensive case history will then be taken exploring your symptoms and/or health issue presentation, this includes a timeline of health history, your diet, your work, relationships, exercise and medications.

If appropriate, blood pressure will be taken, BIA assessment taken, urinalysis performed, Ph testing, iridology, and pathology analysis if you have brought these in.

Referral need will be assessed for further pathology testing, microbiome testing or DNA testing to further assess and measure underlying imbalances or factors affecting you getting back to optimal health.

Treatment will be determined on the above and usually includes but not limited to dietary advice, lifestyle changes, health education, nutraceutical compounding and clinical herbal medicine compounds individually formulated especially for you in line with your individual treatment plan.

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Our clinic uses state of the art digital x-ray equipment and computer technology are utilised to help us achieve the best results. Our helpful, friendly staff can help you with all your booking and product requirements and we have HICAPS claiming and EFTPOS facilities to make paying for your appointments as easy as possible.

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